Heat Pumps

Pinnacle Building Performance installs ductless mini split heat pumps in Colorado homes throughout the Western Slope.

Did you know that cold-climate heat pumps are specially designed to efficiently heat your home in below freezing temperatures? In fact, it’s a common misconception that heat pumps don’t work in cold temperatures and high altitudes.

When it comes to improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, heat pumps are one of the best options on the market today. With the consistent rise in energy costs, they have risen in popularity over recent years to replace existing, inefficient HVAC systems or as supplemental heating and cooling options. Heat pumps can provide many benefits to your Durango home, including: 

  • Heating & cooling capabilities 
  • All-electric operation 
  • Clean energy
  • Eliminates risk of carbon monoxide leaks
  • Lower energy bills

How Heat Pumps Work 

Heat pumps do not create heat, instead, they transfer it from one place to another—depending on where it’s needed. Because they don’t generate heat using combustion, heat pumps use less energy than traditional HVAC systems to keep your home comfortable all year round. 

Heat pumps use a compressed refrigerant to “pump” heat in or out of your home. During the summer, the refrigerant acts as a medium to remove heat from the indoor air to make it cool and comfortable. The process is reversed in the winter, with heat pumps being able to extract heat from outdoors—even in below freezing temperatures.

Mini Split Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps, or mini splits, can be installed to supplement an existing HVAC system or as a full replacement. Mini splits are unique in the fact that they provide room-by-room controls for a more efficient way to directly heat or cool each space. The individual units are connected to a compressor via the refrigerant line and do not require a duct system.  

Get the Most Efficiency with Whole Home Solutions

As with any HVAC system, a heat pump will only be as efficient as your home allows. To maximize the performance of your heat pump, Pinnacle Building Performance recommends insulation and air sealing. When combined, insulation and air sealing keep conditioned air in your home—where it belongs. To find air leaks or areas with improper insulation, get started with a home energy audit

We also want to make sure that your new heat pump is the best fit to your home, that’s why we use building science to ensure your system is the right size for your energy consumption and needs. We can work with you through the entire process to make you more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient. 

Electrify Your Home With a Heat Pump

Homeowners throughout Colorado looking to reduce their use of fossil fuels in their homes can look to heat pumps to better reach their clean energy goals. Electrification is the process of replacing gas and other fuel source appliances to electricity and has many benefits, like:

  • Increasing home safety
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Better indoor air quality

Even if you don’t want to replace your existing heating and cooling systems, a heat pump can efficiently condition your home’s air and lower your energy costs. You can even save on heat pump installation with a variety of rebates and incentives, including up to $2,000 in federal tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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