As a full service weatherization and electrification contractor, we hear a lot of questions. At Pinnacle Building Performance, we want you to have a solid understanding of how our services can help bring you more home comfort and energy efficiency. That’s why we’ve put together the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get, which include: 

The IRA makes home performance upgrades easier than ever before by offering tax credits and rebates on services like insulation, air sealing, heat pump installation, and energy audits. The rebates aren’t available yet—we’ll let you know when they are—but the tax credits can be claimed now!

The great thing about electrification is that you can do it at whatever pace works best for you and your budget. Each step you take towards replacing your combustion equipment is one further away from fossil fuels and closer to a healthier, and more comfortable home.

Mini split heat pumps can be installed as a replacement for both your furnace and air conditioner.  But to cover your entire home, you’ll likely need multiple indoor units, which are sometimes called heads or cassettes. Mini splits offer versatility by providing room by room controls, which is part of what makes them so efficient.

Ducted heat pumps can be connected to your existing ductwork and provide whole home heating and cooling. The most important thing to consider when you are considering heat pump installation of any kind is proper sizing. If your heat pump isn’t the right size for your home, you won’t see many of its efficiency benefits.

There are many factors that could be contributing to inconsistent temperatures in one or more rooms in your home, like insulation, leaky ducts, or HVAC issues. The best way to find out what’s going on with your heating and cooling is to get a thorough inspection, which is part of every energy audit we perform.

Solar panels are a flashy addition to a home and it can be enticing to think of getting free electricity. But if your home and the systems running inside it are energy inefficient, you could wind up paying for additional solar panels to cover not only the energy your home actually uses, but also the energy your home wastes.

Energy waste plays a crucial role in many different aspects of your home system. By upgrading your home’s insulation, air sealing, and installing high efficiency electric heat pumps, you can reduce the size of your solar array while still covering your home’s energy consumption, saving you money. Before installing any new home equipment—including heat pumps and solar—it’s best to start with an energy audit to determine where your home is losing energy and solve those issues first.

This is a common misconception. While poorly installed or older windows and doors do lead to energy loss, small gaps and cracks elsewhere in your home can add up to the equivalent of leaving a window open in your home all year round! Air sealing helps to seal these up and keep you comfortable.

Without seeing your home and the quality of its insulation, no contractor should be able to give you an accurate quote over the phone. Pinnacle Building Performance uses building science to solve the problems you’re experiencing in your home, but we can’t fully understand the underlying issues without inspecting your home first. 

Companies that give out insulation quotes are bound to cut corners and miss hard-to-reach areas, and when it comes to insulation, every inch counts! At Pinnacle, we want to make sure that your insulation upgrades are done the right way and provide long-lasting solutions for your family. The best way to find out if, and how much, insulation will improve your home’s performance is to start with an energy audit.

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