Electrification is the process of replacing equipment that uses fossil fuels—like propane, natural gas, and coal—with those that use electricity.

Space heating, water heating, and cooking are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in residential buildings. To help reduce your home’s contribution, Pinnacle Building Performance offers electrification services—like heat pump installation—to help you reach your clean energy goals.

Compared to the U.S. average, more Colorado homes are heated by natural gas and propane than other states. As more homeowners are looking to lower their carbon footprint and maximize their home’s performance, electrification has become a hot topic throughout the Western Slope.

Benefits of Electrification

Electrification has the potential to provide large scale benefits to Durango homeowners, like:

Improved Home Comfort

Heat pumps work to both heat and cool your home along with offering more versatility with temperature control. With electrification, you can say goodbye to drafty rooms and inconsistent heating and cooling all year round. 

A Healthier Home

Electric appliances and home equipment do not use combustion as an energy source, meaning they eliminate your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, asthma, and respiratory diseases. This also means that you’ll transition to using cleaner energy and your home will have better indoor air quality.

Lower Energy Costs 

Part of electrification is managing your day to day energy consumption. Many homeowners have found electric home systems to be more energy efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts. 

Stepping Away From Fossil Fuels 

Electric home systems—like heat pumps and electric water heaters—are better for the environment and can help you combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Things to Consider When Electrifying Your Home 

Here are the main factors to consider when thinking about electrification for your Four Corners home: 

1. Your Budget

The upfront costs of transitioning all of your home’s equipment to electricity is not something that is accessible to everyone. But that doesn’t mean that electrification is off the table. Many homeowners can electrify their homes in stages and Pinnacle Building Performance can guide you through the process. We can help you achieve your electric goals one step at a time. 

2. Power Capacity

When switching your home systems to electricity, your consumption will most likely increase. It’s important to make sure your home will be able to handle it. Make sure to verify electrical panels and necessary outlet upgrades are made to not overload your system. Planning ahead with electrification will make the switch easier in the long run.

3. Your Home’s Overall Performance

The main goal with electrification is not only to switch away from fossil fuels, but also to reduce energy waste. Insulation and air sealing will help you reduce your energy consumption and make your home more energy efficient.

Electrification Starts With an Energy Audit 

The key to improving your home’s performance is to cut your energy waste. This helps you maximize your electric systems and the benefits they provide. An energy audit is the first step to understanding your energy usage because it pinpoints inefficiencies throughout your home. 

At Pinnacle Building Performance, we can perform an energy audit that evaluates where your home is losing energy and provide detailed reports with recommendations on energy efficient home improvements. We offer our services as a “whole home” contractor and use building science to help make you more comfortable and save on energy costs. 

Start your electrification journey and schedule an energy audit today. Call 970-426-5696 or contact us online.

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