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Since 2018, Pinnacle Building Performance has been helping homeowners throughout Colorado’s Western Slope find solutions to their energy issues and decrease their impact on the environment.

We provide weatherization, electrification, and energy efficiency upgrades on new construction and retrofit home projects. These services include insulation, air sealing, and heat pump installation. We put our expertise into every job and have brought many benefits to our customer’s homes, including: 

  • More home comfort
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Healthier homes
  • Energy efficiency

Why Choose Pinnacle Building Performance

At Pinnacle Building Performance, we use a whole home approach to our services that allow us to get to the core of home health and comfort issues and solve them with building science practices. We aren’t looking for a quick fix and work with our clients to understand their home system, find inefficiencies, and fix them right the first time. 

Pinnacle Building Performance is locally-owned and operated offering full-service and high quality energy efficiency solutions. With a number of qualifications, our team can guide you through the entire process and even help you find and qualify for a variety of incentives available to Durango homeowners. 

Meet the Pinnacle Building Performance Team

Robin Henry – Owner, Pinnacle Building Performance

Robin has been working as a contractor specializing in weatherization and energy efficiency for over 13 years. He founded Pinnacle because he believes in the whole home approach to building.

After honing his skills in different areas of the building science industry, Robin understands the importance of home performance and how each system works together to impact its overall efficiency, from insulation to HVAC systems. He finds value in discovering a home’s opportunities for improvement and has a passion for diagnosing the root cause of home comfort and health issues. His accreditations include:

Service Area 

Our service area includes much of the Four Corners region within a 20-30 mile radius surrounding Durango, CO. We also provide our weatherization and electrification services in:

  • Cortez, CO
  • Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Dolores, CO

Are you unsure if Pinnacle Building Performance offers services in your area? Just give us a call!

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