Energy Audits

If you’re looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment, the best place to start is with an energy audit.

Through a series of tests, our team of building science experts can determine where the performance of your Four Corners home can improve. 

At Pinnacle Building Performance, we can perform an energy audit and provide recommendations for essential home upgrades that can decrease your energy waste, reduce your heating and cooling bills, and increase your comfort. 

What’s Included in an Energy Audit

An energy audit from our team offers valuable insight to your home, its performance, and any inefficiencies the systems working within it may have. 

Review of Your Energy Consumption

To better understand how energy efficient upgrades can help your home, we take an in-depth look at your usage of electricity, water, and gas or propane (if applicable). You can also inform us of any goals you want to achieve with your home, like electrification or simply lowering your energy consumption.

Thorough Inspections

We evaluate both inside and outside your home to check for areas where moisture can get inside and the quality of your insulation. Places we inspect include your roof, exterior HVAC unit, attic, and basement or crawl space.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

If any of your appliances use combustion as an energy source, our team will test them to make sure they are operating without leaking high levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

Appliance Performance Check

We make sure your appliances are performing well and not driving up your energy costs. This includes your furnace, boiler, water heater, and more.

Blower Door Testing 

We use a blower door test to determine the air leakage from your home and to pinpoint exactly where those leaks are coming from. 

Infrared Camera Assessment

We use an infrared camera to find out exactly unwanted air flows in and out of your home. This furthers our understanding of how well your insulation is working. 

Detailed Audit Report

Every energy audit from Pinnacle Building Performance comes with a thorough report of our findings from the various tests. Included in this report are photos and detailed explanations to your home’s current performance. 

We will also provide a list of recommended services that will help increase your home’s efficiency, lower your energy costs, and make you more comfortable all year round. 

Why an Energy Audit is Important 

Without an energy audit, energy efficiency upgrades become a guessing game. In order to effectively increase your home’s performance and decrease your impact on the environment, you first need to understand where its inefficiencies are. The team at Pinnacle Building Performance uses building science to pinpoint exactly what issues can be solved with services like:

We can guide you through the entire process of the energy audit, making upgrades, and electrifying your home. Not only can our services help you save on energy costs, we can even help you save by finding and qualifying for a variety of incentives for home performance services, like Inflation Reduction Act federal tax credits. 

Schedule your energy audit with Pinnacle Building Performance today! Call 970-426-5696 or contact us online. 

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